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We’re here to help build a better world, by getting more people in cities on bikes. To do that, we’re building a new platform for cities and creating intelligent products for cyclists rooted in design and technology. Together, we’ll help make a future where most people choose a bike to get around.

Our story began in 2012, with the launch of Emily Brooke’s Laserlight: the bike light that projects a laser image ahead of you, so drivers know you’re there – even if you’re in their blind spot. As we expanded into the US, trademark issues meant we needed to change our name: Blaze became beryl. But we haven’t stopped pursuing our mission; designing products that tackle the bumps in the way of urban mobility, to get more people cycling. Our passion for putting bikes at the heart of the city is as strong as ever.

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Head of Growth
  • London, United Kingdom
Bike Maintenance Technician
  • Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Mobile Engineer
  • London, United Kingdom
Senior Software Engineer
  • London, United Kingdom